About Me

Hello! 👋🏽

My name is Dhanraj. But you know that already. 😉

I am a Software Engineer with close to a decade of experience in designing, developing and shipping software for Web and Mobile platforms. I specialize in building User-Facing applications primarily using JavaScript; sometimes solo, sometimes with a team.

I am a stickler for geometrically accurate design language (My OCD kicks in when I see layouts that are not pixel perfect ◉_◉). I tend to prefer a design language which can anticipate user’s interaction and provide a great user experience. I am not only fond of creating beautiful, intuitive and accessible applications, I also make sure to write clean, maintainable and beautiful (subject to opinion) code.

“Programming is fun because it gratifies creative longings built deep within us and delights sensibilities we have in common with all men.”Fred Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month

👨🏽‍💻 Work

My first job was at a small (and a really cool) startup where I learned to design and build Android and Web applications from the ground-up. I briefly worked as a freelancer when I was in Singapore for a couple of months, and contributed to building an internal audit tool for one of the top banks in Asia. Then I went on to design and build a near real time vehicle tracking system using Google Maps API and Socket.IO supporting hundreds of data points. I also worked on building tools to empower learning globally. Currently, I am working as an Engineer at Condé Nast, where I contribute on building consumer revenue products for brands like Architectural Digest, The New Yorker and many more.

I have built products using frameworks and libraries like Angular, React, Next.js, Gatsby, and Svelte. I have used CSS frameworks like Material UI, Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS, but I do prefer writing CSS from scratch. I use NodeJS for building server side applications with frameworks like ExpressJS and HapiJS. I know my way around a database system and have worked with MongoDB and MySQL. For automated deployment of applications, I have leveraged CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Circle CI, Github Actions, Travis CI and Netlify. For personal projects I use Digital Ocean, Heroku and Firebase.

When I’m not an individual contributor, or doing operational work, I spend my time mentoring junior engineers, help in conducting Technical Interviews and writing technical documentation. I also review Pull Requests and share knowledge on pair programming sessions with my direct reports and co-workers, all the while making sure they are happy, engaged, learning, and have what they need to be highly functional contributors.

I took the liberty to build a fancy Resume showcasing my work history in a timeline, coupled with some infographics for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 🥂

🎮 Fun

Outside of work, I focus on completing (LOL?) my side projects, contribute a little bit to open-source software and try to solve problems on Stack Overflow. I love playing video games. I am currently playing No Man’s Sky and Control on my Xbox One S. I plan on upgrading to a Series X (when that thing is in stock 🙄).

I read a lot of Sci-Fi novels, and 2001: A Space Odessy currently tops the list. I am also a huge comic book nerd. 🦹

I recently bought a Rasberry Pi 3 which I plan on using to build an automation workflow by linking all Wi-Fi enabled devices in the house, kind of like Jarvis v0.1.

P.S: Feel free to reach out on Twitter if you want to chat. 💬 (I need… friends 🙃)